Date: June 9, 2023
Duration: 1 Day
Type: open
  1. Sets At 7pm & 8:30pm Cover $30 at the club.  Reservations not available just arrive 39 minutes before the show.

Creation of the Group Sparx was the result of culmination of many performances among the band members either individually or semi-collectively. In short, Musicians tend to work in tribes by word of mouth. We have all worked together in various combinations and concentrations ofcombinations of each other over the years. The group consists of a an array of seasoned professionals: Tim Green (alto sax) Zack Brock (violin) Aaron Goldberg (piano) Alon Benjamini
( Drumkit) Obasi Akoto/ Steve Kirby ( bass) We are some of our favourite people to work with! ( of course some of us are the favourites of a larger circle than others).
Individually and collectively we expressed the idea of this particular group of musicians working as a concentrated effort. As such we’ve began compiling repertoire. After hearing about this group there was an immediate interest expressed by NEA Jazz Master Todd Barkan. Todd expressed a desire to record and present our maiden performance at the Keystone Korner jazz club in Baltimore. Naturally we accepted! Other offers soon followed.
Performance at The historic Zinc Bar will be our pen-imminent outing and our first New York outing.
We are excited to present a wide cross section or Africanised and westernised improvisational music along with new ideas to challenge both the seasoned listener and the new listener alike.
The music is rhythmic and textured and melodic. Some of the music is structurally familiar and some of the music is evanescent, pastoral and ephemeral. There is a lot of muscle as well as sensibility and empathy in this crew and we expect to take the listener on a satisfyingly visceral as well as spiritual journey. Please join us on our upcoming Zinc Bar debut